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Marcus Mariota Says He Has Sprained Ac Joint In Right Shoulder | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo Sports

Mariota is expected to be one of the first quarterbacks off the board in the 2015 NFL draft along with Florida State's Jameis Winston. Mariota had been invited to the Senior Bowl, played Saturday in Mobile, Ala., but he declined the invitation. The shoulder injury likely helps explain that decision. The combine begins on Feb. 17. "I had an opportunity to go to the Senior Bowl," Mariota said. "But as a family we decided it was best to come here and be a fitness part of this. "Being able to meet all these men is pretty remarkable.
Full story: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/marcus-mariota-says-he-has-sprained-ac-joint-in-right-shoulder-154130749.html

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